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Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand

Krachai Fingerroot (Lesser Ginger), Dried | All Natural & Culinary Grade 2 oz

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While galangal root (greater ginger) is a base ingredient in a typical Thai curry paste, krachai or fingerroot (lesser ginger) is almost always added to the blend of certain fish curries and other seafood dishes. With a distinct herbal aroma you can smell as you approach the front door of your host’s home, you know you’re in for a gastronomical experience. Krachai’s sharp flavor breaks through the potpourri of other bold herbs in a fish curry, yet the herbal root calms the tummy due to its anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties. Often cooked with fresh green peppercorns, dragon chilis, and makrut leaves, krachai root is what ties a popular Thai hot flame seafood stir-fry together. Because krachai root is native to Southeast Asia and may be one of the more difficult herbs to find outside the region, we’ve made the dried version available to you. We grow krachai root on our permaculture farm, meaning we grow using mix-cropping farming methods. This may result in smaller batches for the market, but we’re okay with that. As long as you get the freshest and highest quality product available. Now that’s what we like call ‘farm to table’.