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Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand

Pandan Leaf Powder | 100% Pure All Natural Culinary Quality | Thai Origin 3.5 oz

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Traditionally, baking is not a common method employed in Thai cuisine. You don’t find many long-existing Thai homes with an oven, and none of our popular dishes require the use of one. Unlike in the West many of our desserts are made in brass woks, ceramic pots, bamboo tubes, or banana leaves over a burner or open fire and are steamed, simmered, fried, or scorched if fresh fruit isn’t already consumed to cleanse the palate or top off a bold-flavored meal. Pandan leaves, or “bai toei” ใบเตย in Thai, are prized for the warm, buttery sweet aroma it infuses into dishes similar to scents wafting out from a bakery. To an almost equal extent pandan leaves are also used for naturally coloring food green. Pandan leaves are widely used in both sweet and savory dishes to impart a rich aroma similar to vanilla and nuttiness that pairs very well with coconut milk or coconut meat based dishes, all without baking. Poultry and fish are often wrapped or stuffed with fresh pandan leaves before roasting or grilling to enhance or mask the main ingredient’s flavor. Fresh pandan leaves are also bunched and knotted, then tossed into a rice cooker for appetizing (and green) plain rice paired with a curry, soup, or stew. Use the same technique when simmering coconut milk, Palmyra palm sugar, arrowroot powder and you’re only a few more steps away from a delicious egg and dairy-free pandan-flavored coconut ice cream. Gelatinous snacks and custards are often colored by and flavored with pandan leaf juice kids love. Add a teaspoon to a cup of hot water or simmering milk for a calming and relaxing beverage and a good night’s sleep. Dried pandan leaf powder is a good substitute when the fresh version is not readily available. Two teaspoons of pandan leaf powder is approximately equal to one (1) pandan leaf. Its aroma and taste are “activated” when heated or cooked with other ingredients.Otherwise a green or grassy flavor dominates when pandan leaf powder is used in its raw but dried.