At a GlanceA must have for the kitchen bound, coconut oil can be used right out of the container for that perfect shake or placed in the wok for deliciously crispy spring rolls. Or lather it on after a bath from head to toe. You will love Nana’s virgin coconut oil inside and out.

   How It's Made   

~ Simple Ingredients ~

Centrifuge Extracted

Begins with fresh shredded coconut meat that is pressed into coconut milk. We then spin that coconut milk really fast to extract coconut oil that is nothing but fresh, creamy, and rich using no heat or chemicals in the process. It’s that simple.

Grown in Tropical Ecosystems

We’ve always had a long-standing belief that if we respect Mother Nature, she will in return take care of us. We harvest from trees planted a generation ago and plant only to replace ones approaching the end of their useful life to conserve this wonderful biodiversity. 

Yes It's Organic

Finest and smoothest coconut oil that you CAN use for everyday cooking or personal care. It is perhaps one of only a handful of coconut oils of that can be dubbed as TRULY RAW or VIRGIN and yes It's Organic.

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