Certified 100% Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil - 1 Gallon

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Features and Benefits
  • 100% organic certified
  • Made from fresh coconuts
  • Non-GMO and unrefined; no chemicals used ever
  • Centrifuged extracted to retain its natural flavor, aroma, creamy texture, and color
  • Good source of metabolism boosting medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)
  • Anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, this anti-oxidant is naturally non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Melting point of 76 F°(24.4°) and will turn liquid at this temperature or above, a natural event
  • Ideal for high heat cooking up to 350 F°(176.7 C°)
Product Information

You want to live well and stay healthy. But you don’t want to think too much about it or become bogged down with the numerous choices available. Sometimes all you need to know is that Nana’s products are pretty much made in the same way it’s been made for generations, in a place where anything organic is the norm rather than the exception.  Available in two sizes, you will feel good making our truly raw and robust virgin coconut oil a part of your life. 

At a Glance

A must have for the kitchen bound, coconut oil can be used right out of the container for that perfect shake or placed in the wok for deliciously crispy spring rolls. Or lather it on after a bath from head to toe.



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