Palmyra Toddy Palm Sugar
Palmyra Toddy Palm SugarPalmyra Toddy Palm Sugar
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More Than Just a Natural Sweetener

Traditionally used in Thai cuisine in cake or block form that is easily sliced or shaved with a knife, Palmyra palm sugar is often used to round off the salty, tangy, and spicy notes in many of our dishes. Whether it is a curry, basil stir-fry, or green papaya salad, Palmyra palm sugar enhances all of the explosive flavors found in Thai food. Often accompanied with coconut milk, fresh fruit such as durian or jackfruit, and ice, this natural sweetener allows one to enjoy a refreshing and thirst quenching dessert without overwhelming it with the sharpness of refined sugar

Low Glycemic Index

Palmyra toddy palm sugar has a low glycemic index of 35, lower than honey (GI 55) and regular table sugar(GI 68). It is also rich in nutrients, such as potassium, iron, zinc, amino acids, and the vitamin B family (B1, B2, B3, and B6).

Beyond Sweet

Known as a secret weapon in culinary circles, this natural sweetener allows other flavors in pastries, baked goods, and desserts to come through, and rounds out the spiciness, tanginess, and saltiness in curries and sauces to attain a level of umami refined sugars may sometimes overpower.

Grown Sustainably

Palmyra palms flourish and are maintained in areas with a mixture of fresh and brackish waterways and rice fields near villages in Southern Thailand.

Other Notable Uses of Palmyra Toddy Palm Sugar


replenish electrolytes and energy drained from loss of fluids from overexertion or bouts of vomiting or diarrhea.

Complex & Wholesome Flavors

Palmyra toddy palm sugar has a rich and deep flavor with hints of caramel and butterscotch. Touted as a delicious and natural alternative sweetener, tea and coffee drinkers are increasingly seeking this type of palm sugar.

Decrease Risk of or Manage Diabetes

its low glycemic index (GI) indicates carbohydrates are absorbed slowly and will not cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.

Ayurvedic Treatments

often mixed with herbal medicines that treat coughs, colds, and high blood pressure.




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