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Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand

Lemongrass Dried Chopped | All Natural & Culinary Grade 4 oz

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Mainly used for cooking to infuse a citrusy aroma and brightness to soups and curries, Nana Solution’s chopped and dried stems can also be steeped as a tea on its own or mixed with other floral or herbal leaves for a relaxing and calming beverage. If you believe that food is medicine, then it may not be surprising that lemongrass, with its soothing and antibacterial properties and a key ingredient in Thai curry pastes, helps keep the digestive system healthy. Lemongrass adds both flavor and a firmer texture to a well-blended curry paste mixture combined with other herbs such Makrut lime leaves, galangal, chili peppers, shallots, and garlic, that will dazzle your taste buds and keep your tummy happy at the same time. While fresh lemongrass is preferred in traditional Asian dishes the dried version is an excellent alternative. We have prepared only the essential oil rich stems into convenient size pieces for your culinary needs. Add a handful directly into a pot of your favorite “tom yum” or “tom kha kai” soup for an authentic Thai taste, or soak some in warm water before inserting into a whole fish before grilling or baking to not only do away with “fishiness” of the seafood, but also to impart a more inviting aroma.