I love this stuff. I've been looking for raw coconut oil everywhere and this is the first I've found. So I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did. I've bought different kinds from Trader Joe's and Sprouts, but this oil by far is the best. Unlike the other brands, it doesn't have a strong taste or smell which is what I like. Must try!!

Eric G
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This coconut oil is truly amazing ! It is truly raw b/c it's been centrifuged, not heated or dried at any point of the process. This is what coconut is suppose to taste like, speaking as a French woman who loves fine and healthy cuisine. It's creamier and smoother tasting, not as strong of an aroma which is good when cooking or using as moisturizer. You will not regret your purchase !

Sylvie B
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CocoNana tastes amazing!  Before really getting to know the difference between the different types of coconut oil out there, i.e. unrefined  (good) vs. refined (bad) dry vs. wet, etc. I thought I had to get use to everything I cooked with smelling and tasting like coconut.  But this is different!  Because it’s raw, which I learned means that the coconut flesh wasn’t heated or dried, the oil has a light pleasant scent and flavor that I really enjoy. Not overpowering at all.  I cook my eggs with it, and it gives my morning coffee a delicious richness that gets my day going.  I will be buying a second jar for my hands and face!

Paddy R.
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