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Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand
Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand

Our Story

Nana Team

Who we are

Teddee Phinpathya


Meet Teddee. After spending a good chunk of time number crunching in Fortune 500 companies, it's now all about getting back to basics. Simple, unadulterated ingredients, super foods, and natural products are what Nana #cofounder is really in search for these days. But she admits she still gets excited in the stationery section looking for that perfect pen that makes her bad handwriting a tad bit neater.

It’s not only Teddee’s job to co-manage the administrative, financial, and operational aspects of Nana Solutions, it is also her job to sample each of our products, to make it available to you on the most feasible scale possible without depleting resources, and to stand behind it.

Teddee was born in Los Angeles, California and holds an MBA in finance from Loyola Marymount University. She splits her time between Hollywood, where you can often find her hiking in the neighboring hills, and Thailand, which serves as home base while traveling Asia.

Jay Promsuwan


Jay follow dad around as he chopped down overgrowth with his machete and help him gather leaves and branches for compost. This hard work, discipline, and knowledge of these jungle-like ecosystems are what Jay brings to us at Nana Solutions…and to you.

With her extensive experience in agriculture, Jay understands how to economically and sustainably grow many different kinds of crops. She also creates and maintains our website and social media channels, and is the liaison between Nana Solutions and local Thai farmers and government agencies.

Jay was born in Lamae, Chumphon and holds a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Thammasart University, Thailand. She is an avid hiker, loves dogs, and is an advocate for the environment and sustainable crop growth and fishing.

Jennifer Inmaung


Polly Kornkham, General Manager, Asia Pacific: Polly is a native of the province of Sing Buri, or “Lion City”, that lies in the central plains of the Chao Phraya River Valley, Thailand – a beautiful patchwork of rice paddies and fields. She and her two older siblings were raised by their single mother, who had been a farmer most of her life. Growing up on the agricultural landscape, self-sufficiency was part of everyday life.

Mom also did her best to send Polly off to school, which unlike in the West is often not free. After high school it was up to Polly then to obtain the education, the skills set, and the experience that would later take her abroad to the United States. Life in Bangkok was quick and fast-paced compared to the serenity and calm of the countryside, and as a young adult, Polly not only survived the chaos of the capital, but also thrived in it. Street smarts combined with patience turned Polly into quite the negotiator, an attribute highly valued in bustling environments ranging from fresh markets to mom–and-pop shops. But this wouldn’t take away from her always looking out for someone else’s welfare. She has a talent to obtain the best deal without insult by making an offer too low, by being straightforward yet respectful and equitable at the same time.

Polly’s loyalty to those around her also translates into her love for animals. She has rescued countless numbers of dogs and cats that roam the streets of busy Bangkok. If she isn’t taking injured animals to the veterinarian for medical attention and paying for it out of her own pocket, or tending them to herself, she is out in the neighborhood alley feeding hoards of stray dogs who’s only meal of the day is one Polly provides.


We started off from

First few month were really tough for us, so we started to try improving our recipe. The customer feedback was really helpful.

Then, we got our special recipe that made us attractive to the customers. The very first day everything we made was sold out. Our success seemed to be lasting, so we decided to open up a new store and increase our production.