Nana KISS (Keeping it Simple & Sustainable)

Nana Solutions is a family-run business with big ideas. Grounded in the philosophy in using the simplest and most natural form of anything consumed, whether it is using a banana leaf for steam cooking, or boiling citronella leaves for smoothing on the skin as a mosquito repellant, we offer products that have been around and produced pretty much the same way for generations.

Sustainability = Patience + Respect

In Siam Everything Has Its Own Time
To us stewardship of the environment means taking care of what we already have, without over planting and growing the same crop to meet commercial demands. Formerly Siam, Thailand only began adopting Western social queues a century and a half ago and it did not happen over night. Similarly we and our fellow farmers allow our crops to grow at the their natural pace, largely in flourishing tropical ecosystems and with the help of small wild mammals, birds, insects and rainfall.



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