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Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand
Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. All items shipped from Thailand

About Us

Nana Keeping It Simple & Sustainable

Nana Solutions is a family-run farm and business operation offering food and natural products commonly found at our homestead. Grounded in the philosophy of using the simplest and most natural form of anything consumed, we offer products that have been around and produced pretty much the same way for generations. From using a banana leaf wrap for steam cooking to smoothing on a potion of boiled citronella leaves as mosquito repellant, these traditional practices and remedies are what drive us towards the most elemental and basic route.

We offer only abundantly available agricultural products or those derived from renewable resources native to our tropical region. Our products are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and produced with the strictest standards in mind. Permaculture farming and mix-cropping methods help nourish the soil, allowing our flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices to thrive. Hand-harvesting, washing, and solar drying are the main processes employed at our Good Agriculture/Manufacturing Practice (GAP/GMP) certified farm and facility.

While keeping it simple and sustainable (KISS), it is Nana's mission to offer safe, quality whole food ingredients and all-natural products for healthier cooking and overall well-being. It’s our way of sending you, shall we say, a Nana kiss.