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Coconut Oil

These days you have many choices.  When it comes to coconut oil, you now have cold-pressed vs. centrifuged extracted, raw vs. heat processed, bleached and refined vs. unbleached and unrefined, pure vs. blended, and so on.  The variations are numerous, and it can be confusing.   But did you also know that coconut oil is also sometimes sourced from several countries, blended together, and then packaged to be sold to the final consumer?  Simply look at the label of most coconut oils at your store, and you will see that a lot of the brands are made from coconut oil from two or more countries.


Coconut oil producing countries produces coconut oil in similar but slightly different ways.  In the Philippines, the coconut meat, or copra, is typically dried using heat, similar to how clothes are dried in a dryer.  In Sri Lanka or India, natural sun may be used.  Whichever the case, heat is still used in the process.


Nana’s organic raw coconut oil is produced they way it’s been produced for thousands of years  - a process that uses only raw and fresh coconut meat that is never heated, and never chemically processed.  The end result is a rich, creamy, flavorful and aromatic coconut oil that has been described at solid state as “whiter than snow white.”  Of course, we rarely use the traditional tool, the “rabbit”, to grind coconut flesh because modern mechanical methods are much more efficient.  We do, however, use coconuts grown only in Thailand, the only source we rely on.




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